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Clark Giles
Managing Attorney
Jordan Gleason
  • Make Indiana’s creative scene thrive.
  • Make Indiana’s creative scene thrive.
  • Make legal advice accessible.
  • Make businesses successful.
  • Make businesses grow.
  • Make fairness a priority.
  • Make communities stronger.
  • Make professional goals achievable.
  • Make technology secure.
  • Make real estate ventures succeed.
  • Make intellectual property protected.
  • Make nonprofits empowered.
  • Make creative projects legal.
  • Make business strategies effective.
  • Make legal processes simple.
  • Make resources work efficiently.
  • Make custom solutions possible.
  • Make client relationships strong.
  • Make entrepreneurial dreams a reality.
  • Make risk assessments thorough.
  • Make transactions smooth.
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Attorneys for hard-working people.

Indianapolis real estate lawyers.

  • Zoning Changes and Land Use: Assisting clients with rezoning applications, variances, and compliance with local land use regulations.
  • Lease Negotiation and Drafting: Representing landlords and tenants in negotiating and drafting commercial lease agreements.
  • Property Acquisition and Disposition: Advising on the purchase and sale of commercial properties, including due diligence and contract negotiations.
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing: Assisting clients with securing and structuring financing for commercial real estate transactions.
  • Construction and Development: Providing legal support for construction projects, including contracts, permits, and compliance with regulations.
  • Easements and Right-of-Way: Negotiating and drafting agreements for easements and right-of-way access.
  • Environmental Compliance: Advising on environmental regulations and assessments related to commercial real estate.
  • Title and Survey Issues: Resolving title defects and survey discrepancies to ensure clear property ownership.
  • Property Management and Operations: Providing legal guidance on property management agreements and operational issues.
  • Joint Ventures and Partnerships: Structuring and negotiating joint ventures and partnerships for commercial real estate development and investment.

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